We are passionate about excellent wines at great value. Whether you prefer Red, White or Rose, you will find the perfect wine to pair with your dish on our Wine List.


Languore Trebbiano (House) 2020, ITALY 12% vol

This wine is intense on the nose, with notes of tropical fruit and a hint of vanilla. (Vegan)


125ml: £4.00          175ml: £5.00          250ml: £6.50

bel canto Pinot Grigio 2020, ITALY 12% vol

Sweet spices and jasmine jump from the glass with a defined and harmonious perfume. It has graceful dry notes on the palate and a fresh finish. (Vegan)


125ml: £4.20          175ml: £5.50          250ml: £7.50

Five Foot Track Chardonnay 2019, AUSTRALIA 13% vol

This is a soft and rounded wine, with characteristics of cooked apple and underlying notes of vanilla.


125ml: £4.40          175ml: £6.00         250ml: £8.00

Fingerpost Sauvignon Blanc 2019, NEW ZEALAND 13% vol

An elegant Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of gooseberries and tropical fruit leading to a crisp and refreshing finish.


125ml: £5.20          175ml: £7.00         250ml: £9.00


Languore Sangiovese (House) 2020, ITALY 12.5% vol

Intense ruby red in colour with typical scents of ripe cherry and raspberry. It is medium bodied, juicy, fresh and persistent. (Vegan)


125ml: £4.00          175ml: £5.00         250ml: £6.50

Five Ravens Pinot Noir 2019, ROMANIA 13% vol

Romania may not be the first place you think of when you are selecting a Pinot Noir but this has all the classic bright red fruit flavours and spicy notes you would expect. (Vegan)


125ml: £4.40          175ml: £6.00          250ml: £8.00

Pavillion des Trois Arches Merlot 2019, FRANCE 13% vol

Richly flavoured, packed full of plump plum and cedar notes. Ripe and generous tannins tie this wine together. (Vegan)


125ml: £5.00          175ml: £6.60          250ml: £8.80

Capilla de Barro Malbec 2019, ARGENTINA 13% vol

An intense nose of plum and bramble. Fulsome on the palate, delivering a wave of ripe, fresh black fruit and mocha. (Vegan)


125ml: £5.20          175ml: £7.00          250ml: £9.00

Conde De Castile Rioja Reserva 2016, SPAIN 13% vol

A complex wine that displays a harmonious blend of dried, stewed fruits and nuances of leather, vanilla and tobacco. (Vegan) Sold by bottle only.



Balade Romantique Rose 2018, FRANCE 13% vol

Provence-style rosé at a snip of the usual asking price. Bursting with aromas of stone fruit, raspberry, strawberry and white flowers, and a stroke of acidity on the finish


125ml: £4.40          175ml: £6.00          250ml: £8.00


Bel Canto Rose Sparkling, ITALY 11% vol

An intense nose of a floral bouquet of roses and violets, with a light yeasty note. Fresh and full, with strawberry and raspberry notes on the palate.


175ml: £7.60

Vino Spumante Prosecco, ITALY 11% vol

This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and a refreshing lively style.


175ml: £7.60


Elysium Black Muscat 2015, USA 15% vol

Virtually black in colour, with a rose-like aroma, Intense on the palette. Wonderful with blue cheeses, red fruit desserts, vanilla, dark chocolate or pouring the Wine onto vanilla ice cream. 125ml


Rubis Velvet Ruby Chocolate Wine, SPAIN 15% vol

Spanish fortified red wine infused with luxurious chocolate flavours. Using the best Tepranillo grapes from the centre of Spain combined with premium dark chocolate. Rich, Fruity, Velvety Chocolate Finish! 125ml